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About us has been trading online since 2003. It was created by David Minns and is still owned by David. If you have not heard of us before then we are regarded as one of the BIG 3 online magic stores.

Customer service

Having happy customers is so important to us. We know that if you have a good experience from the site you will tell your friends and that is great for businesses. We hope you can see from the design of the site that detail is important to us. We are not a site that was made in a few minutes just to make a few sales.

You will get your downloads

If for some reason you click the wrong thing or you have a power cut in the middle of an order we will make sure you get your downloads. If we cannot get the downloads to you then you can have a full refund!

Let our customers have the last word

Steve from Florida had a problem getting a trick. He emailed us and we sent the video clips right to him by return of email. He replied back with this comment:

Thanks again for your uncompromising service!!!, Steve McKissick - Florida

Chris didn't like one of the videos he bought for his son so we let them pick another video for free. He replied back with this comment:

You are a great vendor! I will continue to buy from your site as myself and my stepson are trying to learn some of these cool tricks. He loves your site as well. I can't imagine dealing with anyone else after your great customer service. Thanks again so much for helping!! I hope good fortune comes back to you. Chris, USA

99% of the time everything runs smoothly, this is what Tim said.

The trick was great, I loved it, I thought the magician, Philipp Vilanyi was a really cool dude and an excellent teacher, Tim Recaldin.

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