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 Poker Face - $7.25

The magician has the spec select any card, which is then returned to the deck and shuffled. He then hands the deck to the spec and asks them to make 3 equal piles. He then states that the odds are low but your card may be on the bottom of one of the piles. He says that he will show the spec the bottom card of each pile and set it aside but not to say if it is or not because he will tell from their poker face. He does so, and then states that he thinks none of them were. (All though the spec did see their card.) The spec and all around think he totally messed up. The magician states next that he will find their card in the deck and runs through and selects one. He then asks the spec to name their card and when they do his happy expression turns to failure. To everybodys surprise the card he selected is their card! Everybody will jump for the card on the table and it is not their card anymore! This one blows people away!

This trick is suitable for intermediates.


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