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 Als color change - $10.95

A very clean and close up color change. How is it possible in such a closed space? It just seems impossible. I am going to rate this as one of the best color changes on the site today.

This trick of course needs no gimmicks, just a deck of cards and the secret exposed in the tutorial magic trick video. Al takes you through step by step with a few close up angles so you can really see what happens. Color changes are great for professional magicians but also cool to impress your friends. Imagine you are playing poker, how cool would it be to turn a 2 into an ace! Your friends are going to think you are a card genius. Change the color / suit of a card or change the card. It is up to you. This is the first trick from Al on the site and expect a lot more.

Download a copy of this tutorial right now and remember the more tricks you buy in one go the more discount you get with free tricks!

This trick is suitable for intermediates to experts.


  • The tutorial tells you everything
  • Gimmicks can be homemade
  • No magic stores needed!
  • Keep tutorial on your computer
  • Works on PC / Mac / Linux
  • Choose WMV or MPEG format
  • Instant download
  • No waiting
  • Secure payments

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