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Join our monthly tricks subscription for $9.95 to build a huge magic trick collection. This is the best value way to learn magic with us. The first month is also free.

Can I join, get 5 free tricks and then cancel?

YES! We are asked this question a lot. You may think we are mad telling you this but we know that most people will stay members. You get to see next months tricks before you are charged.

How do I cancel?

We use Paypal® for the subscription which makes it simple to cancel. You have 100% control. All you need to do is select the subscription to us in Paypal®, click details and then click cancel. It's that simple. You DO NOT have to ask us to cancel the account! You can even click this link to CANCEL NOW.

Do I need a Paypal® account

Yes you will need a Paypal® account. However, you can join Paypal® and subscriptions at the same time. So do not let that put you off :)

Includes the top sellers

The monthly trick downloads also include some of the top sellers on Some of these tricks cost $20+ on their own. This really is the best way you can learn magic tricks!

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Join today and get these 5 tricks for free. Then preview next month and decide if you want to stay a member. You will have 1 month to cancel if you don't want the next batch of tricks. This is an amazing offer so join today!

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