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If you create your own original magic with high quality tutorials then you can sell your work online with We have 2 ways which you can sell your creations:

40% Royalty payments + $99 listing fee

We will pay you 40% of the sales profit from your trick to a Paypal® account.

To ensure the quality is kept high there will be $99 listing fee. This ensures people submit high quality work and actively promote their listed tricks once they are online. All of this boosts the brand and helps everyone's sales. We do the following for the $99 fee.

  • We edit your video with title screens
  • We convert to MPG / WMV and Flash
  • We write a description
  • We add it to the site
  • We write a newsletter
  • We send it to 8000+ people
  • Send your trick and tutorial video to us and if it is accepted you will be asked to pay the $99 listing fee and your trick will be added to the site.

    One off purchase

    We can also offer you $50 to $250 per trick as a single payment. This would grant us exclusive rights to the videos and trick. The payment total would be decided on the quality of the trick and production of the video.

    Send your trick and tutorial to us and if it is accepted we will pay you via Paypal® or via a UK cheque.

    What type of work will we accept?

    The video has to be your own work and must be filmed to a high standard. Videos with webcams or mobile phones will be deleted with out reply. Have a look at the top selling tricks on the site and match the same standards.

    What file formats will we accept?

    Videos must be MWV or MPEG format. They should be at the largest resolution you can produce. We will edit the video to the correct file size for the website. We will also add the front and back screens.

    How do you send large files?

    Videos will be too large to email so please use a system like YOUSENDIT.COM. This is free to send very large files.

    Who will set the sale price?

    We will decide the final price of the trick. We have many years experience of this and it is our interest to get a good price for your work.

    How much can you make?

    The most paid in a single month to 1 magician is $1,080. Having multiple tricks on the site increases your sales. We will also send a newsletter every time a new trick is added. This means there is the potential to earn $13,000 per year from having your work on sale with

    send your videos to:

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