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The puzzle

Most people will not figure this out, solve it and challenge your friends. If you don't want to tell them about this solution page then remove it from the email you send them! Imagine how mad they will get when they cannot figure out the answer! This type of puzzle can only be solved by 2% of the world's population.

  • In a street there are 5 houses
  • Each house is the home to a different magician
  • Each magician likes a different website, magic style and car

  • Question: Which magician likes


    1Criss Devil lives in a purple house
    2 Paul Spaniel's favourite website is
    3 David Silverfield drives a Lamborghini
    4 The gray house is next to and on the left of the orange house
    5 Gray house has a hummer on the drive
    6 The magician who specialised in street magic likes
    7 The magician in the black house likes coin magic
    8 The magician who lives in the middle house drives an Aston martin
    9 David Vane lives in the first house
    10 The expert in card magic lives next door to the fan of
    11 The magician who likes lives next to the coin magic expert
    12 The bar magic specialist owns a Porsche 911
    13 Derren black is of course an expert in mentalism
    14 David Vane lives next door to the white house
    15 The card magic expert lives next door to the Ferrari owner

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    Find the answer

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