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We know which countries spend money on products and we also know which countries that don't. We also know which regions in the world have the most Internet users and which are growing the quickest.

Our latest business plan is to use the huge Internet communities in India and China and set up individuals with franchise sites, which are targeted at sales from the USA and Europe. With the differences in the costs of living a site income of $5000 per year is significant in these regions.

We are looking for 3 individuals to be the franchise managers in India and China. These managers would earn 10% of all sales generated from franchisees in their region that sign up via their official Pubtricks sites.

We would work with the managers to set up the sites and systems and explain how the system needs to be positioned. The managers would then be responsible for marketing and PR within their regions.

The managers will be required to rent a genuine Pubtricks domain name from us. We are doing this for the following reasons:

1. As the managers have to pay per year for this opportunity it means they will be focused and work on this project. If we gave this opportunity away we would attract lazy individuals with no business acumen.
2. This ensures the managers do not use any illegal activities with the domain names or the way in which they market the site. A high percentage of worldwide spam email originates in China and we do not want to be apart of this illegal activity. The domain names we have are: ($600 / $500 ) - this requires a manager who lives in China ($600 / $500) - this requires a manager who lives in India ($750 / $500) - this requires a manager who lives anywhere within Asia

We are not providing any ROI calculations; this is for the potential manager to work out. Our sites generate a 0.5% to 1.2% sales conversion rate with an average order of $12 to $22.

If you would like to work with us please explain why you think you would be right for the position and what you would do to market the franchise system in your region. If you own other websites please supply links. VISIT NOW
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