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 Barbie Levitation - $12.95

Lee Petrucci presents his Barbie levitation. This trick is so cool and makes everyone elses levitation look so serious! This is a great trick for adults and children a like. This is a scaled down version of the full stage trick. Lee gets Barbie to float in the air and then pass a ring all round her body to discount the idea of string holding her in the air.

The tutorial is very detailed which is why this trick has been given the gold award. It includes how to make the stage, the gimmicks required as well as tips for performing the act. Nothing is left out or not included.

This trick is easy to perform but very visual and most of all very funny. We are sure this is going to be very popular and remember the download video tells you everything, and how to make it for as little cost as possible. The whole thing should cost less than 10 dollars including a Barbie! Every cheaper if you can borrow you sisters but do not try the cutting woman in half trick as an encore!

This trick is suitable for all levels.


  • The tutorial tells you everything
  • Gimmicks can be homemade
  • No magic stores needed!
  • Keep tutorial on your computer
  • Works on PC / Mac / Linux
  • Choose WMV or MPEG format
  • Instant download
  • No waiting
  • Secure payments

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