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Partner with and have a full website made for you!

This site has taken 7 years to reach the top, join with me today. David Minns - Founder of

Interested in starting an online business?

We are not talking about a home made site full of low paying adverts that looks a mess. We are offering a high end professional website that works. Based on which has 1 million visitors per year and first page Google results. This is the type of site you can show your friends and they will be blown away. You don't have to tell them it was made by us. At the end of the day you are in business to make money. As long as you make a profit that is all that matters!

The usual costs (per year)
E-commerce website:$10,000
Site updates:$5,000
Video Hosting:$2,000
Domain name:$10
Total 1st year $17,010
Each year $2,010
Our system (per year)
E-commerce website:FREE
Site updates:FREE
Domain name:FREE
Total 1st year $120
Each year $120

3 income streams

Business is about profit. This system is going to cost you $0.33 per day. We can show you how to make more than this.

Income #1: Sales of videos
Income #2: Sales from people starting their own version
Income #3: Advert click income

We pay you via Paypal® 20% of all sales generated through your site. The hosting company we use will pay you $1 per new sign up over 5 levels (we will explain this exciting opportunity later), and an advert company will pay you between $0.10 to $0.60 per click.

Making a profit
1 advert click per day will cover your costs
10 hosting sign ups will cover your costs forever
1 video sale per month will cover your costs

With a little bit of marketing it is almost impossible to make a loss!

Try our income calculator

Enter some numbers of what you think you can achieve and see the earnings. You will see that most income comes from the hosting option. The other income make it easy to cover your costs in the short term. The hosting is from Global Domains International.

If you want to use OTHER hosting like then you can. Just set the 'Number of people you/they get to join' on the calculator to 0 for earning estimates.

More about the hosting system(s)

You can use the video site with ANY hosting package. However we suggest you use GDI hosting as it adds an extra level of income that you do not get with other hosting. Watch the GDI introduction video for all the details.

Our instruction manual explains how to set the site up on GDI hosting as well as great tips to tell other people about this winning combination of and GDI.

If you don't want to use GDI hosting then use or someone similar.

Watch the GDI hosting video

Full instructions included

Our download has a comprehensive manual on how to generate traffic and how to promote the idea to other people. Feel free to download this PDF file before buying a domain name.

It has all the secrets we have found over the past 7 years to get high search engine positions, who spends the most with It also has ideas for re-selling this whole concept to other people interested in starting a business.

Click [DOWNLOAD] to get the instruction manual and website HTML code.

PDF instruction manual

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