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We have a huge selection of video tutorials which you can download and learn the secrets to great magic tricks! Check out the top 10 show magic tricks. Enjoy!

A great wave change on the desktop. It is fast so watch carefully! Big card, small card. A very visual change that will impress and shock!
One of the best card changes in the world today. Blink and you WILL miss it! 4 aces exposed in one the best ways ever seen. Pull this move off before a poker game and get respect!
This really does chane in a flash. Are you ready for the speed? A great card change, change the numbers, the back or blank the entire card. Download now.
One of the smoothest card changes you will see. Nice! Am impossible colour change and trick. This is an exclusive from Tim David. Check it out now!
A great card change that finishes clean. Even the dog in the chair is impressed! A stunning change in a small space. First class, buy this one right now!
Have the chosen card dissappear in front of your audiences eyes - and then majically re-appear A chosen card flys out of the deck. Needs skill but very impressive!

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