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Own a genuine Pubtricks domain name

We have several Pubtrick's domain names with a complete franchise system running, which you can rent. This is a great way to start a magic tricks business. The genuine domain names and sites include a extra features such as our automatic link swap system which is key to long term growth.

Prices per year

Domain name1st yr2nd yrStatus$1,000$1,000available (special details)$600$500taken by Andrew Haggar$750$500available CLICK TO VIEW$1,200$800available CLICK TO VIEW$2,500$1,000available CLICK TO VIEW$600$500taken by bishnu adhikari$600$500available SPECIAL DETAILS$1,000$500taken by David Kemsley$750$500available SPECIAL DETAILS

Payment & renewals

Payments are once per year. You then have the right to renew each year. If you do not wish to renew the domain and site will be re-listed for rent. A contract will be signed between both parties to define the agreement.

Additional benefits over standard franchise system

  • 30% sales commision instead of 20%
  • $1.00 per month per subscription sign-up
  • Genuine domains linked from the .com site and in newsletters
  • Pubtricks domain name increases customer confidence
  • The inital site is made for you and fully working
  • Includes tier 1 hosting with login access
  • Centre pannel/advert can be adjusted for your needs
  • Automatic link swap system
  • Priority technical support
  • ROI (Return on Investment)

    Just a quick calculation:
    500 subscription members = $6,000 per year
    5 sales per day ($6x5) = $10,950 per year

    Contact us for more details

    The sites are generic at the moment and they can be tuned when you start them. We will help you get set up and running the way you want to be. Visit one of the sites with a 'CLICK TO VIEW' link to see what they looklike. We have some special plans for .in .asia so if you are based in these regions and would like to work on a custom project get in touch. If you are interested in any of these domains just email us at the address below. Act quickly as once these have gone that will be it.

    . . . . more details

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