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Before contacting us about content on the site please ensure you read this page. This states our position and understands copyright law with respect to magic tricks. In 2007 our lawyers researched this in detail.

Removal of tricks

You can only request the removal of a video from this site for the following reasons.

  • Breach of patent *
  • Breach of trademark *
  • Breach of raw digital media **
  • * You must supply the documents for the patent or trademark.
    ** You must file a valid DMCA notice
    These can ba faxed to +44(0)1926 771448

    False claims

    A false DMCA notice is a legal offence and carries the penalty of perjury. Other claims with no legal stand point may be counter sued as harassment. We strongly suggest you only use a lawyer to make any of the above claims.

    Good will

    We would much prefer to work with people than against. If you believe you are the original creator of a trick we stock then we suggest the following:

  • You film a replacement set of videos
  • You broker a deal with the current provider
  • Working with us

    We are the largest download only magic trick site in the world, with over 1,000,000 unique visitors per year. Stocking your work with us can help increase your revenue.

    We provide a quality service to established magicians as well helping new magicians become famous.

    Confirmation of law

    We will only respond to legal questions if your subject includes the following identification code. Including this code implies that you have read the contents of this page.


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