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We have a huge selection of video tutorials which you can download and learn the secrets to great magic tricks! Check out the top 10 coin magic tricks. Enjoy!

The BEST coin through bottle trick. This is the world famous trick by Kevin Parker. The best coin vanish yet? This needs no gimmicks!
Vanish! and what a vanish. Works with most small objects. New and exclusive to us! 20 tricks in 1 tutorial video. 25 minutes of pure magic and advice!
A smooth coin vanish, watch the coin just melt away. Get this one right now! No gimmicks, the coin can be borrowed and totally impromptu. Does it get any better than this?
A first class coin vanish and reprodution with both sides of the hands empty! Pen through a coin and no gimmicks. Everything can be borrowed.
Vanish an entire hand full of coins, not just one! A clean coin vanish and reproduction.
Do we have a new top coin vanish? This could be bigger than quarter trick. Lets wait! A coin vanish and production. Learn 1 production and 3 vanishes!

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