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We have a huge selection of video tutorials which you can download and learn the secrets to great magic tricks! Check out the top 10 card magic tricks. Enjoy!

The best card trick ever! Well that is my point of view. See if you agree? A deck in plain sight and 2 random choices. Can this even be possible? Lee does it again with a world class trick.
Card through a computer monitor magic trick. Great for school, work, university! One of the hardest magic tricks to figure out but one of the simplest to perform!
Mentalism tricks are always very popular. This latest trick from Lee is no exception. Smash a card through a deck with rubber bands. First class trick. Download now!
A killer prediction effect that gets Gigantic reactions. The selected card appears from no where! Impressive ending to this trick.
A 20 year prediction comes true. A nice trick with a great finishing twist. 4 cards that just keep changing. Great close up magic trick to impress.
Find the Jokers with two freely selected cards. 1 in 2000 chance. A cool card prediction with a funny finish, check it out.

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