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Direct affiliate linking

Affiliates can link directly to a video on the site. All videos on the site have an affiliate link, all you need to do is swap the XXXX for your affiliate ID. So if you like a particular trick you can send people to it directly and pocket a cool 20% of the total order value!

Join the affiliate system - It's FREE

If you are not already a member of the affiliate system then sign up here. We pay direct to your Paypal® account and provide you with full stats tracking.

Ideas for the direct affiliate link

The rest of this page as lots of ideas in which you can take advantage of the direct affiliate link option.

Idea #1 - Forums

Post the link in forums and tell people about the trick. Please do not break any forum rules or spam forums with messages.

Idea #2 - Mailing lists

If you own a mailing list then copy the trick's description and add the link to an email. Send this to your mailing list. Large lists can expect good sales numbers with in a few hours.

Idea #3 - Embed videos on your site/blog

Use the EMBED code for your favorite tricks and then make a GET THE TUTORIAL button that uses the AFFILIATE link. This will add some cool tricks to your site and provide you with income with no effort.

Idea #4 - Make an entire site

Expanding on idea #3 you could make an entire site just using the EMBED code and AFFILAITE links. Every time we add a new trick you could add it to your own site. It would be like owning your own without the need for making videos, handling payments etc.

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