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Competition now closed (1/12/2010 @ 12:00 GMT)

1stApple Mac Air laptopWinner: skcirtcigam
2ndApple MacBook laptopWinner: skcirtcigam
3rdIpod Touch 64 gigWinner: skcirtcigam
4thSamsung N110 netbookWinner: skcirtcigam
5thSony HD camcorderWinner: skcirtcigam
6thIpod Touch 32 gig Winner: skcirtcigam
7thIpod Nano 8gb Winner: skcirtcigam
8thToshiba HD camcorder Winner: skcirtcigam
9thIpod Shuffle 4 gig Winner: unclaimed
10thIpod Shuffle 2 gig Winner: unclaimed

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Magic trick video competition

Film your best magic trick performance and upload it to Use our special title on your video and description and if you're in the top 10 search for " 2010" sorted by Relevance on the closing date you win a prize. Simple! Click to check the current positions

To win you need to make a stunning video of an amazing trick and score high for user ratings and comments. The Youtube relevance search will take into account, views, rating, comments as a ratio of how old the video is. So you can enter at any time and over take the current leaders! You can gain a huge advantage if you promote your Youtube video to as many people as possible.

Use Windows movie maker or a similar package to add the required splash screens to your video. Ensure you follow all the Youtube requirements in the rules. If your video has the wrong titles and description it cannot win. If it doubt, watch the example video on Youtube (double click on the example on this page).


1. Your video must be of a magic trick performance and not a solution.
2. Your Youtube text title must start 2010. This is the title shown above the video.
3. Your Youtube description must start 2010 presents. Adding affiliate IDs to the end of this link is not allowed.
4. Your first 2 Youtube tags must be and 2010
5. Your video must start with our video splash screen which you can download from this page.
6. Your video must end with our video splash screen which you can download from this page.
7. In the event that a prize is not possible to ship to you, money of the same value will be sent so you can buy the item or use it to buy something else.
8. You can enter multiple times as long as the video and trick are different. If you have multiple videos in the top 10 you will win multiple prizes!
9. If you have a video listed for sale on then you cannot re-use this video for the competition.
10. The video must be made by yourself.
11. The trick can be your own invention or someone else's trick. The competition is all about the best performance and quality of trick and video.
12. Winners will be notified through their Youtube account.
13. The judging and closing date is the 1st of December 2010 @ 12pm UK time.
14. No extra usage of and 2010 is allowed any of the Youtube fields.
15. Your video must have a minimum of 3000 views by the closing date.
16. Your video must be active for more than 1 month.
17. Rules are subject to change.

Watch an example video


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